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Systems Thinking for Safety: Ten Principles (A White Paper)

This week, a EUROCONTROL Network Manager White Paper was released, entitled Systems Thinking for Safety: Ten Principles. The White Paper was a collaboration of EUROCONTROL, DFS, nine other air navigation service providers and three pilot and controller associations. The purpose is to … Continue reading

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Facing up to Command-and-Controlism: Twenty Warning Signs

In my last post, I offered a reworked version of the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to address the compulsion underlying various forms of authoritarian, bureaucratic management: Command-and-Controlism. For some, it may make for uncomfortable reading. You may think, “What an order! … Continue reading

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Recovery from Command-and-Control: A Twelve-Step Program

Most of us in democratic countries would hate to see the rise authoritarianism. When we hear about authoritarian regimes around the world, we feel lucky not to live there. We know that people do not thrive under authoritarianism, where high levels of … Continue reading

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Target Culture: Lessons in Unintended Consequences

By Steven Shorrock & Tony Licu The text in this article first appeared in HindSight 17, EUROCONTROL, July 2013. Since we emerged from the depths of winter, many of us are still are afflicted by the ‘potholes’ that developed in … Continue reading

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