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‘Human error’ in the headlines: Press reporting on Virgin Galactic

Again, a familiar smoke pattern has emerged from the ashes of a high-profile accident. The National Transportation Safety Board held a hearing in Washington D.C. on 28 July 2015 on the Virgin Galactic crash over California on October 31, 2014. … Continue reading

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The safety-fication of everything

Some time ago, I noticed the safety-fication of everything. I noticed that otherwise fairly ordinary words have been co-opted to give a specific safety meaning. Once I noticed this, I couldn’t stop noticing it. So a few months ago, I started to … Continue reading

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Déformation professionnelle: How profession distorts perspective

So, what do you do? If you work in a health and safety role, there is one question that can make for an awkward conversation: “So, what do you do?” I was asked this question at passport control on entering the … Continue reading

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