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Five questions about boredom, fatigue and vigilance

Below are five questions posed by a safety colleague, and some brief responses. 1. How different are boredom and fatigue? Both affect our ability to pay attention – to notice something that may need attention – but they are different … Continue reading

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Reading on the job: fatigue, boredom and distraction while underloaded

I have received a few queries asking for a view (or “the science”) on reading during operational duty, particularly as a possible countermeasure against fatigue during nightshifts. This is in an air traffic control context, meaning reading while a controller … Continue reading

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Breaks from operational duty and fatigue management

by Steve Shorrock (Adapted from Hindsight, Volume 13, Summer 2011, pp. 68-69, EUROCONTROL) Guidelines from Human Factors research for optimising human performance and reducing fatigue-related risks. Breaks from operational duty are an important factor in the management of fatigue. But as highly … Continue reading

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