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SAFETY is our Primary Goal!

OVER BLACK WE HEAR THE DULL SOUNDS OF INDUSTRY; A MUFFLED MASS OF MACHINES, GEARS, STEAM. FADE IN ON: A SIGN. Twelve feet across. Painted decades earlier, grime-covered black, white and red. It reads in large 40’s era, hand-painted type, “SAFETY IS … Continue reading

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Organisations and the ghosts of failures past, present and yet to come

How do organisations learn? It is fairly uncontroversial to say that we, as individuals and organisations, learn from consequences. But what sort of consequences do we learn from? In professions with a protective purpose, such as safety management, the assumption … Continue reading

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Déformation professionnelle: How profession distorts perspective

So, what do you do? If you work in a health and safety role, there is one question that can make for an awkward conversation: “So, what do you do?” I was asked this question at passport control on entering the … Continue reading

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“Are we the baddies?!” Symbols and organisational cultures

Once your own culture becomes invisible to you, you know you have become a victim of it. There are, however, physical manifestations of our organizational life that we can notice – if we look: symbols. Look and ask around your … Continue reading

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The Principles of Punk Rock at Work

About the time I was born, a new musical genre emerged. Disillusioned with the rock music scene of the ’70s, a new music was created in the garages of the Western world: punk rock. What’s that got to do with … Continue reading

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Using the Safety Culture Discussion Cards: Tips from a user

I have received some great practical tips (and considerations for the future) from an ATC Safety colleague who had used the Safety Culture Discussion Cards with several different groups. Thanks to Alfonso Barba Martínez (Head of Regional Safety at AENA, … Continue reading

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Safety Culture in your Hands

(This article featured in The Controller – Journal of Air Traffic Control, April 2012.) by Steve Shorrock, Human Factors and Safety Specialist, EUROCONTROL Are safety issues raised by front-line operational/technical staff given appropriate priority within your organisation? Do you and … Continue reading

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