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Four Kinds of ‘Human Factors’: 2. Factors of Humans30,076
Four Kinds of Human Factors: 3. Factors Affecting Humans20,156
The Varieties of Human Work19,574
‘Human Factors’ and ‘Human Performance’: What’s the difference?13,202
The HAL 9000 explanation: “It can only be attributable to human error”12,610
Never/zero thinking10,761
Four Kinds of ‘Human Factors’: 1. The Human Factor10,041
Empathy: A core condition for humanistic design7,985
Human Factors and Ergonomics: Looking Back to Look Forward6,789
‘Human error’: The handicap of human factors, safety and justice6,569
The Archetypes of Human Work: 1. The Messy Reality6,370
Four Kinds of Human Factors: 4. Socio-Technical System Interaction6,082
Human Factors at The Oscars5,245
Proxies for Work-as-Done: 1. Work-as-Imagined5,185
Why do we resist new thinking about safety and systems?5,112
Alarm design: From nuclear power to WebOps4,812
What Human Factors isn’t: 1. Common Sense4,757
Mind your Mindset: Safety-I and Safety-II4,500
Recovery from Command-and-Control: A Twelve-Step Program4,179
Four Kinds of Thinking: 2. Systems Thinking3,912
Shorrock’s Law of Limits3,505
How To Do Safety-II3,312
Toad’s Checklist3,280
‘Human error’: Still undefined after all these years3,176
Target Culture: Lessons in Unintended Consequences3,425
Safety culture cards application: Exploring experiences using Schein’s cycle3,057
5th International Workshop on “Safety-II in Practice”: Towards a
Unified Approach to all Operations
The Loneliest Profession in Healthcare2,654
Maslow’s hammer: How tools bias attention and straightjacket thinking2,527
The whole picture2,464
Updated: 23 February 2023