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Never/zero thinking

There has been much talk in recent years about ‘never events’ and ‘zero harm’, similar to talk in the safety community about ‘zero accidents’. It sounds obvious: no one would want an accident. And we all wish that serious harm would not result from accidents. But as expressed and implemented top-down, never/zero is problematic for many reasons. In this post, I shall outline just a few, as I see them. Continue reading

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The Principles of Punk Rock at Work

About the time I was born, a new musical genre emerged. Disillusioned with the rock music scene of the ’70s, a new music was created in the garages of the Western world: punk rock. What’s that got to do with … Continue reading

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Target Culture: Lessons in Unintended Consequences

By Steven Shorrock & Tony Licu The text in this article first appeared in HindSight 17, EUROCONTROL, July 2013. Since we emerged from the depths of winter, many of us are still are afflicted by the ‘potholes’ that developed in … Continue reading

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