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The Varieties of Human Work

The analysis of work cannot be limited to work as prescribed in procedures etc (le travail prescrit), nor to the observation of work actually done (le travail réalisé). Similarly, it cannot be limited to work as we imagine it, nor work as people talk about it. Only by considering all four of these varieties of human work can we hope to understand what’s going on. Continue reading

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Alarm design: From nuclear power to WebOps

Me, myself and TMI Imagine you are an operator in a nuclear power control room. An accident has started to unfold. During the first few minutes, more than 100 alarms go off, and there is no system for suppressing the … Continue reading

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What I learned from Velocity Barcelona 2014: Reflections on Human Factors, Safety and WebOps

I went to Velocity EU 2014 in Barcelona this week – the conference for web operations/WebOps people (around 2000 participants in the US, around half that in Europe). Velocity is a great conference. The schedule is here. I went to talk about life after ‘human error‘, … Continue reading

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